Innocent Joy Of Meeting

The eleventh day of October dawned on a diverse note. It was tge day of ‘Dashami’ – Goddess Durga would bid us farewell for her abode in Mt. Kailash leaving us in sorrow and in an anticipation of a year of fun and frolic. In spite of this unhappiness, we were elated with our much awaited tour to the mesmerising dooars of West Bengal.

Boarding one of the superfast trains from Howrah Railway Station, we arrived at New Jalpaiguri at about 10.40 p.m. After we got off from the train, heavy downpour offered us a warm welcome and we were completely soaked. The torrential rain resulted in waterlogging and with great difficulty, we landed in a cosy abode of one of our relatives at Maynaguri, after a journey of about two hours from New Jalpaiguri. The sheer excitement of meeting one another after more than a decade was quite prominent in each of our expression. Late night talks and cups of brewed coffee turned the night into a memorable one, making us forget the weariness of the journey. We retired for the day hoping the next day to be a bright and a memorable one.


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