Made Her Heart Rejoice

The scorching heat of May,
She waited eagerly for him-
Sweat beads glistening her temple, her heart thumping with joy,
Brimming with happiness;
With the thought of  interacting him for the first time!
Waiting at the bus stop, the over-crowded carriages, didn’t seem to grab her attention that day;
Pre-occupied she was in weaving thoughts to spend her special day-
Putting a pause to her weave, He walked in gallantly,
Little she could roll her eyes over the entire length of his tall stature!
She instead concentrated on a continuous gaze at his jet-black intoxicaying eyes-
His lovingness devoured her completely
Making her bask in the warmth of his care.
Finally, she had no reason to justify her irresistible pull towards him;
Maybe because, the leaves are green and the sky remains blue.!

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