Trip To North Bengal- Part 1 (11-10-2016)

The eleventh day of October dawned on a diverse note. It was tge day of ‘Dashami’ – Goddess Durga would bid us farewell for her abode in Mt. Kailash leaving us in sorrow and in an anticipation of a year of fun and frolic. In spite of this unhappiness, we were elated with our much awaited tour to the mesmerising dooars of West Bengal.

Boarding one of the superfast trains from Howrah Railway Station, we arrived at New Jalpaiguri at about 10.40 p.m. After we got off from the train, heavy downpour offered us a warm welcome and we were completely soaked. The torrential rain resulted in waterlogging and with great difficulty, we landed in a cosy abode of one of our relatives at Maynaguri, after a journey of about two hours from New Jalpaiguri. The sheer excitement of meeting one another after more than a decade was quite prominent in each of our expression. Late night talks and cups of brewed coffee turned the night into a memorable one, making us forget the weariness of the journey. We retired for the day hoping the next day to be a bright and a memorable one.


Long ago, I desperately wished to own one and as a child I was able to pen down my craving. This wish is yet to turn true! Today, while flipping the pages of my diary, this grabbed my notice.

I have a little puppy,
Whom we lovingly call snoppy.
He always stays awake till dawn
And the colour of his coat is fawn.
He sniffs the air to get my smell,
As soon as he sees me, he wags his tail.
He clings to me when I am sad,
To share my feelings when the situation is bad!
He curls up in my lap when he is asleep,
But raises his eats even to a tiny beep.
When he came to me, he had to leave his mother;
But, I love him like my own little brother.

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Made Her Heart Rejoice

The scorching heat of May,
She waited eagerly for him-
Sweat beads glistening her temple, her heart thumping with joy,
Brimming with happiness;
With the thought of  interacting him for the first time!
Waiting at the bus stop, the over-crowded carriages, didn’t seem to grab her attention that day;
Pre-occupied she was in weaving thoughts to spend her special day-
Putting a pause to her weave, He walked in gallantly,
Little she could roll her eyes over the entire length of his tall stature!
She instead concentrated on a continuous gaze at his jet-black intoxicaying eyes-
His lovingness devoured her completely
Making her bask in the warmth of his care.
Finally, she had no reason to justify her irresistible pull towards him;
Maybe because, the leaves are green and the sky remains blue.!

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Home coming

A warm welcome admist the cowrie shells,
The short-lived enthusiasm still  burnt bright
In the croon of her melody.
With the inevitable passage of time,
The mellifluousness was doomed-
All she hoped was to attain a spiritual salvation
But was estrangled under the patriarchan tradition.
A luxury of grief  flooded her in the sands of time-
Her attitude of coyness found no appreciation;
Neither did her power to augment!
Imposed upon her  was his utter roughness-
She wished to transcend time with the erotic image of their unison
Only  when, this proverbial image was shattered
Overpowered by his sheer toughness suppressing her sweetness!

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